Health Blueprint for Excellence

This Blueprint applies to candidates seeking certification in Alternative, Complementary, Holistic, Integrative or Natural Health or Anti-aging, Health, Rejuvenation, Relaxation Therapy, Stress management or Stress Reduction.

Professionals seeking the following designations must complete the requirements set forth in this Blueprint:

Certified Alternative Health, Anti-Aging, Complementary Health, Health, Holistic Health, Integrative Health, Natural Health, Rejuvenation, Relaxation Therapy, Stress Management or Stress Reduction. This certification may be as a coach, facilitator, instructor, mentor, specialist or other title approved by the certification board and the American Accreditation Commission.

Instructors have additional requirements listed further down this page.

All requirements for certification must be completed under the supervision of an instructor and/or education organization accredited by the American Accreditation Commission, endorsed by the Commission on Higher Education or endorsed by the Health Certification Board.

Candidates must successfully complete the following requirements:

1. Basic Health, Nutrition, Therapies and/or Wellness courses (60 CEU)

2. 500 hour supervised internship (50 CEU)

3. Creating and Using Informed Consent Forms (30 CEU)

4. Basic coaching skills workshop (30 CEU)

5. Anatomy & Physiology workshop (30 CEU)

6. Intermediate Health courses (20 CEU)

7. Advanced Health courses (20 CEU)

8. Supervised 15 hour Coaching Practicum (15 CEU)

9. Professional Practices (10 CEU)

10.Professional Ethics (10 CEU)

Any of these courses may be waived for candidates who can prove they already completed that requirement by passing an oral and written examination or presenting valid copies of transcripts.

Interns may apply for certification while completing their internship.

With instructor and certification board approval, seminars, webinars and workshops may be included as intern hours in addition to one-on-one and group sessions with clients.

List of Accredited Certification Boards Using This Blueprint

Health Instructor Certification

Instructors must first qualify for certification as a coach, facilitator or specialist in one or more of the health professions included in this Blueprint. There are two ways for a qualified candidate to become certified by the Health Certification Board as an instructor:

1. Instruct, facilitate or coach for an educational organization accredited by the Commission on Higher Education, the American Accreditation Commission or an equivalent accrediting body; or

2. Apply to and become accepted by one of the accredited Health Certification Boards based on the quality of your instruction and instructional program.

If you have any questions, please contact the accredited certification board of your choice.

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